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Unlike your average fitness and motivation coach, my goal isn’t to just “improve your life”. I help my clients transform their lives! Providing you with an easy step-by-step system to follow, I also equip you with the necessary encouragement and motivation you need to conquer mental obstacles and achieve your personal health goals. In this together we will build you into your best self to live the confident and happy life of your dreams!

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Client Success Story

“Coach… This is the most amazing journey of my life. You are so motivating and inspiring and you push me to never give up. Even though I’m not where I want to be right now, I can see the vision and with your help, I know this is an achievable goal! Thanks again Coach!”

Crystal Cleveland, Client (LOST 60+ POUNDS!)

“I was having trouble growing my legs… I had tried other exercises and failed to achieve satisfactory results. However, after hiring Lamar as my coach, I achieved results that exceeded my expectations… It is worth the time and money… if you want results and a coach to guide you through your health and fitness journey, Lamar is the guy for you.”

Alan Jackson, Client

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My Story

Originally from good ol’ Troy, Alabama, I had the privilege of being raised in the south by two loving parents who taught me how to work hard for what you want and to always maintain a high level of integrity, honor, and character in all that you do. Those invaluable teachings are what guide me today. Those lessons learned are what give me the insatiable drive to work hard every day and deliver that same level of dedication and passion to my clients through results that not only transform their bodies but also their minds, and ultimately their lives – for the better.

Growing up, I was always in “decent” shape. As with a lot of people there were periods where I would go all in to get in shape for the spring or summer seasons, then like a lot of people I would eat like crap all winter only to struggle and try to get myself back in shape for the summer. After on-and-off-again periods like that there finally came a day where I decided that I was no longer going to allow myself to go back and forth because my health was too important. So it was on that day where I decided to transform my “seasonal fitness mindset” into a real “fitness lifestyle” that I began creating and executing on a vision for the mindset and body I wanted to build. From that day ’til now I’ve been pursing that passion one rep and one mile at a time.

As a coach, I believe in teaching my clients to create a realistic vision for the body they want and then I provide them with the daily guidance, motivation, and inspiration to go out and sculpt it one rep at a time. It’s this same passion, hunger, and drive that I bring to all my clients, as I help teach them about the importance of creating their vision for a healthy lifestyle and then push them to commit to living it day-by-day.

I am real fan of fitness and I truly love to motivate and inspire on the daily. There is no greater feeling than knowing you have helped change someones life for the better. I am excited and ready to be the Coach and fitness professional that inspires you and helps you transform your life into the healthiest version of who you want to be… Soo let’s GO!!!

Lamar Dunn

Owner, Lamar Dunn Fitness

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